Aromeo tailors a seamless aromatherapy service for hospitality through technology and customisable essential oil selection.

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Aromeo Alpha

Aromeo Capsules:

Refreshed Morning, 

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Restful Sleep

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Aromeo Alpha

Aromeo Capsule:

Restful Sleep

Aromeo App


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Aromeo Alpha ships

 October 2018, meanwhile we are offering a complimentary Aroma Tasting for your custom set of 5 Aromeo Capsules

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Takes guests to a memorable journey back to nature to explore the wellness benefits of different aromas.

Use our curated selections for jet lag relief, relaxation and romantic aromas. Or let our aromatherapist create a custom set for you. 100% organic.

Aromeo Capsule Set

Aromeo Alpha

Smart diffuser with 1 essential oil capsule with nebulizing technology for clean, pressure-based diffusion.

No need for water refill or cleaning, just plug in Aromeo Capsule and diffuse.

What's Inside

Product Specs

Smart,Waterless Nebulising Diffuser

Wireless Control with App

Supports 1 Aromeo Capsule

Wooden finish

Aromeo Alpha

Aromeo Beta

Patented Innovation 

Smart,Waterless Nebulising Diffuser

Wireless Control with App

Supports 5 Aromeo Capsules

Customisable finish


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