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    Welcome to the Aromatic Life with Aromeo!

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    Aromeo Smart Diffuser

    Tailored for automated and seamless aroma delivery

    Aromeo Pods

    Sourced from around the world, 100% natural, certified organic

    Aromeo User App

    for Guests

    Aromeo Control Panel

    for Managers

  • Aromeo: Smart Aroma Diffuser

    Aromeo is a seamless hospitality solution for improving guest loyalty and exceeding guest expectation.

    For Guests

    Aromeo brings aromatherapy for wellness and ambience during your stay.


    1.  100% essential oil
    2. Automatic diffusion
    3. Tailored selection of aroma blend and schedule

    For Businesses

    Aromeo delivers unparalleled personalization to help businesses boost guest satisfaction and gain insight about guest.

    1. Aroma and Wellness Branding

    2. Guest Satisfaction Analytics

    3. Seamless integration with hotel tablet/phone

    4. Integrated guest feedback system

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    Room C, 16F, Infotech Centre, 21 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong
    Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm
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